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soil-blends-300x200Each project provides its own unique set of challenges on how to best stabilize the project from the effects of stormwater and its runoff.  Combine that with large scale construction of housing projects and working in tight spaces, it becomes challenging to effectively stabilize these projects against the effects of erosion.  Triton offers custom sizes of materials and a diverse product line to help with all of these challenges and our team is educated on the local regulations to ensure that you and your project stay in compliance.

Our  Soil Amendment Solutions


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A fertilizer is any organic or inorganic material of natural or synthetic origin that is added to a soil to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to the growth of plants.

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Our HGM product line incorporates the sphagnum peat moss, along with micro nutrients and Endomycorrhizae inoculants to achieve the highest standards in soil amending. Our HGM product line is composed of a proprietary blend of organic renewable fibers, growth mediums and soil stabilizers with natural plant and microbial growth stimulator.

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HGM Biotic Earth


At Triton, we want to provide the best solutions available for all of your project challenges.   Vegetative establishment continues to be one of the toughest obstacles our customers are confronted with on a project to project basis.   That is why we always recommend a soil test when we are dealing with tough soils or areas where there has already been poor vegetative establishment.   A soil tests allows us to analyze the soil structure and the available nutrients in the existing soil that our customers are being asked to reclaim.   A soil test eliminates the guess work in specifying the proper amount of amendments that are to be used to get the results that are wanted.

Contact us at Triton today and we can get your soils analyze to help get your project off to a successful start.


Humate is a natural additive for fertilizers to improve the structure of the soil and increase the fertility with slow release effect, contains more than 70% humic acid

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Gypsum is actually an element called calcium sulfate that is used to loosen up stubborn, compacted or clay soils. Gypsum works by pulling together clay particles in the soil to make bigger particles, creating porous spaces for air, water and plant roots. For saline-infused soil, gypsum removes sodium and replaces it with calcium.

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Mycorrhiza fungi redirect plant carbohydrates (including the sugars glucose and sucrose) to the roots, where the fungus eats it, generating more of itself. The host plant‘s roots make use of the fungus, taking advantage of the fungus‘s surface area to absorb what it needs from the ground.

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AM 120 P2


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